Between You Me and Us Front Cover

By Kate Smith

Before You Me & Us

Contemporary Fiction/Romance

A wedding. An unspoken truth. A hidden love.

Luciana moves across the country for her medical residency, hoping to escape her painful past and the complex demands of her family.

When her supervisor, Dr. Hannah Kennedy, breaks through Luciana’s protective shell of denial, memories flood to the surface. Luci begins to question her own identity and fights against her growing attraction to Hannah, fearful of embracing her desires.

As Luci struggles with her new reality, she realizes that once spoken, her truth can never be taken back. Can she admit to her secret love and risk the inevitable fallout, or will she return to her life of denial?


Between You Me and Us Front Cover

By Kate Smith

Three Little Secrets

Contemporary Fiction/Romance

What happens at the wedding, stays at the wedding … or does it?

Brandon and Savannah’s big day is hurtling toward them, but they are finally ready to tie the knot. Over the past three years, they’ve navigated a long-distance relationship, enjoyed raising their young daughter, and tackled everything else life has thrown at them. Everything, that is, except for the shenanigans that accompany a wedding.

When deep—and possibly damaging—secrets are confided, it leaves Brandon and Savannah in difficult positions; betray their confidences, or keep these secrets from each other. Will they make it to the altar? Or will the secrets tear their relationship apart?

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Kate Smith

Canadian author Kate Smith writes Contemporary Fiction and Women’s Fiction with a liberal dose of Contemporary Romance. She loves writing stories that allow her characters room to grow, giving them the second chances they need to find happiness no matter their life choices.

Kate fell in love with reading at a young age, dreaming of writing her own stories. Her first full-length novel Everything We Lost was first published in 2016 under the title Reunited and had been intended as a stand-alone novel. However, the characters had much more to say. Soon this sole story grew into a six-book series, with another installment titled Three Little Secrets underway for release in 2023.

Currently, she is putting the finishing touches on the second book of her new trilogy, You Me & Us. Book 1, Between You Me and Us is available worldwide in both e-book and paperback. Future projects include Book 3 in the You Me & Us Trilogy, and an illustrated speculative fiction novel Encoded, which will be a collaboration with her daughter.

From 2019-2020, Kate studied publishing at Toronto Metropolitan University, concentrating on editing and book design. When she’s not writing or editing, you will find her visiting the local wineries, enjoying a visit with friends, hiking the local trails, or kayaking on Okanagan Lake.

The Hamilton Series

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Everything We Lost


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Everything For Love


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Never Let You Fall


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Everything Left Unsaid


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Everything We Dream


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Everything We Promised



Everything We Lost

A book you don’t want to put down

– kobo reviewer


Everything For Love

I was captivated from the very beginning!

– kobo reviewer


Never Let You Fall

Each character comes to life and brings their own story.

– Kobo reviewer


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