Everything We Lost

The Hamilton Series – Book 1

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A devastating loss. A faded photo. A fateful meeting.

When Savannah, a teenage girl from Oregon, ends up in Dr. Aiden Hamilton’s emergency room, he experiences déjà vu, picturing the woman he once loved and the child he never knew. The meeting stirs memories of his own troubled childhood … memories of a devastating loss and deep secrets he’s kept hidden even from his closest friends.

Ever since the death of her adoptive mother, Savannah has been on a mission to find the woman who gave her away at birth, aided only by the faded photo that was tucked inside her baby blanket. She never dreamed the ill-fated ending to a school trip to Chicago, thousands of miles away from her home town, might set her on the right path.

However finding the answers and connections she seeks includes unforeseen complications and heartache. When she digs into the past, she learns nothing is simple when it comes to love, loss, and family.

 Note: Though you can read Everything We Lost as a stand-alone, it is Book 1 in a series. 

You Me & Us

A Contemporary Fiction/Romance Series set in Canada

Each novel is a full story arc containing a different couple, but characters from previous stories do carry into the next novel. Each may be read as a stand-alone, but are better read in order. Note: These contain mild language and heat.


Contemporary Women’s Fiction Series.

This is a series and is best read in order. Main genre is Contemporary Fiction, with strong romantic sub-genre.




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